Thank you for brousing our range of premium shade umbrellas.

Our umbrella systems are simply the best.

Designed for reliability, they use the absolute premium materials, and hydraulic technolgy rather than ropes and pullys to ensure long life and ease of use.  

Award winning premium products, manufactured in Europe, we have an umbrella to suit all situations and needs.

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Wall mounted


Centre post

SU5 Centre Post Cafe/Market Umbrella

SU5 Centre Post Cafe/Market Umbrella - $699.00

Simply stunning!
This market umbrella is light to use and made for premium materials to last!

Anodised aluminium frame, stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials.
Elegant and modern design
Telescopic pole up to 2.4m

Canopy measures 2.7m across the hexagon.
Comes standard with a protective cover for when it's not in use.

2yr frame warranty
2yr fabric warranty

Available in 7 colours

Multi Canopy cantilever

SU6 Multi canopy umbrella

SU6 Multi canopy umbrella - $0.00

This high quality umbrella system has limitless configurations to choose from

Up to 4 canopies can be extended from one mast with square canopies or 2 canopies from one mast with octagonal canopies.

With the strength of the 100mm x 100mm mast to work from this umbrella is wind tunnel tested up to 40km/hr winds.

Canopy choices include, 2.5m square or 3m square and the 3.5m octagonal.

Patented gas strut slide system for deployment for ease of use and reliability.

3yr frame warranty
5yr Fabric warranty

Premium DICKSON acrylic fabric!
Shade rating UPF 50+

10 colours to choose from

Inground or surface plate mounting.

Mast length, 2.72m

Please contact us for a quote on your specific configuration.

Rotating cantilever

SU7 Cantilever Umbrella

SU7 Cantilever Umbrella - $0.00

This top of the line cantilever umbrella is just stunning.
It has a range of features to suit a variety of applications.

Marine grade powder coated aluminium, stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials.
Patented "One Movement" slide system
Rotates 360
Durable and heavy duty
Gas strut technology for ease of deployment

Wind tunnel tested up to 40km/hr

3yr frame warranty
5yr fabric warranty

Available as 2.5m and 3m square and 3.5m octogon canopies.

Premium DICKSON acrylic fabric

10 colours to choose from
UPF 50+
100 % UV

Mounting systems
Surface plate, in-ground mount and portable base.

Supplied with protective cover for when umbrella is not in use.

Also available
Cover and wheels for portable base
LED light for center of umbrella

Please contact us for a quote as price depends on configuration of the package.

High wind performance

SU8 High Wind Umbrella

SU8 High Wind Umbrella - $2,863.35

This umbrella has stunning technology to withstand the strongest winds while maintaining stylish looks.
Wind tunnel tested up to 90km/hr!

Manufactured from top quality anodised aluminium, stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials.

Umbrella tilts vertically in unlimited positions.

Durable and heavy duty mast

Solid core fibreglass umbrella ribs for high wind resistance.

Rotates 360

Quick release slide system for ease for deployment.

3yr frame warranty
3yr fabrc warranty

Canopy is 2.5m across

Vertical or forward leaning mast.
Surface plate fixing.

3 colours of stunning Sunbrella acrylic fabric

Comes with protection cover for when not in use.



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